All our puppies come along side the following 

  • 1 year health guarantee
  • Rabies Weaver
  • All their registration papers,Vet records, shots and vaccines
  •  Sales Contact

We will have your money refunded 72 hours after you purchase a puppy from us if something comes up or you later change your mind.

Once you purchase a puppy from us and later change your mind about the puppy, we will give you the option to pick out another puppy from the current litter or wait for our next litter. If you do not want any of the puppies, we will have your money refunded.

All our puppies have a great temperament and are perfectly good with kids. They are all smart and very friendly.

We ship our puppies all over USA and Canada. We use a reliable delivery service that will have your puppy safely transported and delivery to your doorsteps. 

Dachshund Puppies are hypoallergenic and may be the perfect puppy for anyone suffering from allergies

Dachshund Puppies get along with other pets and animals like cats.

We understand some clients will want to visit and see the puppies before purchase but due to some diseases we ensure only serious people who have placed a request on a puppy can visit us to see the puppies before purchase.

Yes we currently have available puppies ready for new homes in our available puppies page. Just visit our Available Puppies page and place a request on which of the puppies you may be interested in.

Dachshund Puppies do not bark too much unless provoked by are situation that may cause them to bark or when one of their family members are attacked.