Sending you this note to let you know we received Annie safely. The delivery guys brought her to our home and she was gladly welcomed as you can see in the photo we sent to you. Her first days with us have been amazing. She is friendly to my wife, my kids, and me. We thought we will have to do a lot in training her and getting used to her but we are happy she is such an intelligent young puppy and gets along with everyone in the house. Hilltop Dachshund Puppies thank you for your wonderful support and help to my family. This means so much to us. We will keep you updated on how she is doing with us as time goes on.


My grandkids and I are so happy to own a Dachshund Puppy. Ever since our last Dachshund died, we have been looking to replace him for a long time until we came across Hiltop Dachshund Puppies. Emma and Junior(my grandkids) are so happy with their new friend Toby. We spend all our moments with him. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and the faces of these kids. Toby is so loving and friendly just like our last puppy. We never knew we will ever own a Dachshund Puppy after we lost our puppy but thanks to you guys our faces are all brightened again and we can all smile.


We have adopted 2 puppies from you guys and they are all amazing. I appreciate the fact that you guys take out time to train these puppies in the best possible way you can. They are all healthy with no health issues and have great temperaments. I wish we could go in for another puppy but we will not have enough time to take care of them all. I am a very busy person. With the hard work I do, I am always out of town. We got 2 puppies because I’ve two sons and while am away they all spend time with their puppies. I will recommend you guys to my colleagues at work because not every breeder out there sells puppies as healthy as these ones.


Just dropping this note to let you know my few months with Coco has been amazing. I have never seen breeders as concerned about their puppies as you are. You have always checked on her to know how she is doing in her new home. You have helped me through the many questions I always asked. It was my first time owning a Dachshund Puppy but with your help, I am happy I have had enough knowledge about them and have been able to take care of Coco perfectly. I take her along with me everywhere I go and everyone that comes across her keeps telling me she is an amazing puppy. My sister will be getting her own puppy from you guys once she is back from her trip. I promise to keep recommending you. My experience with you has been second to none.


The moment I came across your website, I knew I had found what I was looking for. Your excellent knowledge about the breed made me believe in you. Everything about you guys seemed so legit and professional. Thank you for not letting my dreams down. You are absolutely amazing.  just to say thank you once more for the smile you have put on my face these past few months. I must say I am so happy and feel blessed. Now I know they are good breeders out there who are not just out to sell puppies but make sure they find the best home for these puppies.